True US Dollar Redeemable Guarantee 2 Certificate – 5T

The Covenant has control over its title and assets with a perfected secured lien interest on the trust to secure its true-value. The Covenant amongst its assets and its control over its title has also the perfected secured lien interest on all of the assets related to the ongoing agreements signed between the conservator, FHFA and the Treasury.

The assets and properties directly tied to the GSEs through the conservator, FHFA that is also assuming the power of the Board and management of the GSEs, is originating from an agreement between the Conservator and the Treasury.

The originating agreement between the Conservator, FHFA and the Treasury begins with the year 2008, continues through the year 2012 and continues today between the conservator FHFA and the Treasury. The Covenant has a legal and lawful registered secured lien interest and ownership right with The Covenant’s security-covenant-agreement on the agreements between the Conservator FHFA and the Treasury

This true personal property is used for The Covenant to transfer a portion of its title-assets to an entity name. The entity name can then register this true personal property using this certificate in definitive form. This allows for the transferring of a portion of The Covenant’s value to support and to collaborate for the advancing of community solutions. The entity name registering its own true personal property would then be able to control its own true personal property in the entity’s own name.

In the TREASURY FINANCIAL MANUAL (TFM) Volume I, Part 2, Chapter 5000 entitled ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING OF MONETARY ASSETS (NONOPERATING CASH ITEMS) HELD BY U.S.A. TREASURY OFFICES IN SECTION 5030.60 – “System Totals (in Dollars) – End of Month states “….The summary report, entitled “System Totals (In Dollars) End of Month___________,” provides the total of notes outstanding by denomination. CCB uses this information to prepare the report on currency outstanding and in circulation.”

The word dollars here is only to be used as defined by law with the trust. The system totals the TFM speaks of are notes. The true value is defined by law as a true monetary value and the word dollar – Unit is defined in the Coinage Act of 1792. This is the only True U.S.A. Dollar the trust accepts for the true valuation of a true personal property.


Due Diligence On Guarantee 2 – 5T (GSE Guarantee)