Title is related to principal. A title is used to maintain control over property which also becomes PRINCIPAL (collateral). Property evidenced through a title in finance is held in a registry.

Usury is related to interest and is a form of profit. Taxes, interests, profits and all forms of usury  originates from a double entry bookkeeping system.

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Best Kept Secret In Financial World – Principal Formula


Finance is about who holds the title. Having title gives the right of control over the property and over the principal. A registry holds titles. A registrar maintains a registry. Registries receipts in the form of a certificate.

A corporation issues certificates to evidence the existence of a title to property. This corporation therefore would maintain a registry of titles. This allows the corporation to charge and receive profits on the property being held under title.

One kept secret needs to be known that a registry holds the title. When one receives a certificate from a corporate registrar or government official or other document evidencing title it is registered in a registry. The registry has the title and controls the property along with the principal. When one has the title one has the right of ownership of property and of principal.



  1. The amount borrowed or the amount still owed on a loan, separate from interest.
  2. The original amount invested, separate from earnings.
  3. The face value of a bond.
  4. The owner of a private company.
  5. The main party to a transaction, acting as either a buyer or seller for his/her own account and risk.

For a General definition of principal see  http://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/principal.asp?header_alt=b

For a simple definition of title – it is the right to the ownership and possession of any item that may be legally recognized as belonging to someone or something. In its most basic sense, title is the recognition of ownership. In the website below it continues to state: BREAKING DOWN ‘Title’. Under a system of government that recognizes individual property rights, it is possible for an individual to have ownership over a vast amount of tangible or intangible property. Title may be gained by descent, grant or purchase.

See  http://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/title.asp?header_alt=b

It requires repeating that all forms of property from the population are given over for a said economy through a registry that holds titles. The Registries mentioned in the beginning exists to hold and have title. Then the registrars of the registries provide to you evidence in documented form that they are holding title on behalf of a member in the population.

The value of a title can represent a property and its principal in a definitive form having a true monetary value that can be the United States of America dollars as pre-scribed in law according to the United States (U.S.) Mint Act a.k.a. Coinage Act of 1792. The True U.S. dollar is a true unit-of-account defined in law. This law is stating that the Dollar unit is the silver metal content in weight and in purity form a Spanish milled dollar.

The True U.S. Dollar can have a true stored-value as true money. The True U.S. Dollar’s stored value as true money can be used as a personal property through a redeemable registered guarantee certificate to transfer, assign, perfect since the guarantee is registered in a registry evidencing title to a true personnal property having a true stored value as true money. The title evidences asset properties that can be used with transfers and exchanges of assets from The Covenant.

The True U.S. Dollar has a stored-value of money that allows the principal to have true value for Social Finance.

The transferring and the exchanging of True U.S. Dollars at the outset has already been established as a universal standard. These standards have been in place and recognized for over two hundred years. These standards have proven true for value stability and for stored-value as true money. This would also allow a true personal property asset to be used during the times of the austerity programs being implemented regularly.

The True U.S. Dollar’s stored value as true money can be used as a personal property to transfer, assign, perfect and have title to True U.S. Dollars when transferring
and/or exchanging true Principal (assets).