Laframboise-Security-Covenant (The Covenant) is a revocable living trust using the true United States Of America dollar the “True U.S.A. dollar” – money unit as defined in law as per the Coinage Act of the year 1792 in a definitive form that is a redeemable registered guarantee certificate for the purpose of serving human needs and social programs.

The True U.S.A. dollar defined in law is used for the redeemable registered guarantee certificate and becomes a true personal property. The United States entity providing for social needs and social programs has a true personal property asset. This true personal property can be used to establish a first security lien interest in the United States entity’s name
with the uniform commercial code.


With The Covenant’s true unit of account defined in law by the Coinage Act of 1792, a new personnal property is created through the use of the redeemable guarantee certificate when It shall be issued by the Treasurer of the United States Department of The Treasury when It is emitted by The Covenant.

From its roots, The Covenant is able to transfer and/or exchange portions of it’s title through its true unit of account with a true value defined in law in support of its purpose.

Through out time, there has been generally three standards for a monetary system. The word “monetary” is often associated with a commodity money system as a means to define a unit of value. Specifically, money itself in definition retains it’s value because of its physical properties.

True US Dollar Money Unit Personnal Property – Money Functions

Source: Vol. XIV No. 5 ECONOMIC EDUCATION BULLETIN May 1974 Published by
AMERICAN INSTITUTE for ECONOMIC RESEARCH Great Bafrington, Massachusetts 01230
Toward a New World Monetary System by John Exter (see page 3)

“Today no money in the world fully performs all three functions.”

“What is money anyway? Money performs three functions. First, it is a means of payment, or medium of exchange. We use it to pay our bills, to buy goods and services. We accept it when we sell. Second, it is a standard of value. We quote values of goods and services in terms of it. The resulting ratios are prices. A good standard of value must be stable over time. Third, (significantly, Paul Samuelson in his famous textbook omits this most important function) it is a store of value. We hope over time to avoid loss by holding it. Money holds its value if it is scarce and remains scarce. Scarcity is the keystone of store-of-value money and enables it also to serve as a stable standard-of-value money over time.”

The Covenant recognizes the three monetary standards, one being of specie meaning coin, the second being of bullion for the circulating currency, and the third is a standard of exchange where no circulation of coins and bullion is necessary. True money – the “True U.S.A. dollar” – money unit as defined in law becomes The Covenants true unit of account. This is the true standard of exchange for the transfering and for the exchanging of assets and liabilities with The Covenant.

The Covenant’s creation of a true personnal property defined in law to be registered is being used as the standard of exchange. The plateform of the assets/guarantee to be registered is based on true value (see Due Dilligence)

The Covenant has 2 witnesses. Witness number 1 is Verreault-Security-Covenant and Witness number 2 is Matte-Security-Covenant.

➥ The name of witness number 1 is George Joseph Albert Verreault and is presently 85 years of age.

➥ The name of witness number 2 is Jacqueline Marie Noella Matte and is presently 82 years of age.

The Covenants - Revocable Living Trusts


The Covenant’s PUBLIC NOTICE and Redemption process
United States Secretary of the Treasury, on March, 8 2017.

PLEDGING THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES for the redemption of its securities issued through the Department of the Treasury and endorsed by the Treasurer of the United States for federal reserve Notes is no longer a solution.

The Covenant rebuts this pledging of the people of the united states for the redemption of its securities issued through the Department of the Treasury and through its treasurer.

The Covenant’s Public Notice and redemption process rebuts the Debt Public Notice issued by Mr. Steven Mnuchin because the assets of The Covenant provides for the redemption through a Standard of Exchange for the United States securities issued through the Department of the Treasury.

This removes the burden of the people of the united states pledged for the redemption of its issued securities through the united States Department of the Treasury.


US Treasury Covenant Laframboise – Problem vs Solution